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Metallurgical & Materials Engineering (MM)

Thermal Analysis Laboratory [PIC : Prof. Smarajit Sarkar]

TG-DSC/DTA- Netzsch Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer (upto 1500°C) - Prof. A Behera

Dilatometer- Netzsch (16000C) - Prof. D Nagarajan

Heating Microscope-Leica, upto 1600°C - Prof. A Behera

Particle Size Analyzer-Malvern, U.K. (Particle size 0.05-555µm) - Prof. D Chaira

High Temperature Viscometer – Prof. S Sarkar
XRD Lab [PIC : Prof. Santosh Kumar Sahoo]

X-ray Diffractometer (With Texture Cradle) – Bruker D8 ADVANCE A25

Computational Metallurgy Laboratory [PIC : Prof. Syed Nasimul Alam]
Fuel and Process Metallurgy Laboratory [PIC : Prof. Mithilesh Kumar]

High Temperature Furnaces

Reactivity and Reducibility Apparatus

Mineral dressing Laboratory [PIC : Prof. Smarajit Sarkar]

Jaw Crusher

Ball Mill

Hammer bill

Jigging machine

Vibrating screen

Magnetic separator

Composite Materials Laboratory [PIC : Prof. Swapan Kumar Karak]

Planetary Ball Mill-Fritsch Pulverisette, 2 vials arrangement

FRP-Composite Laboratory [PIC : Prof. Bankim Chandra Ray]

DSC (Low Temperature) - DSC 822 (Mettler Toledo) - Prof. A K Mondal

FTIR-Microscope – Shimadzu , IR prestige-21- Prof. R K Prusty

UTM Machine (Instron-5967, Capacity- 30 kN with temperature chamber) - Prof. B C Ray

Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analyser (Netzsch DMA 242E) - Prof. B C Ray

Polymer Composite Laboratory [PIC : Prof. Ashok Kumar Mondal]

Injection Molding Machine

Melt Flow Index Machine

Impact Testing Machine

SEM Laboratory [PIC : Prof. Debasis Chaira]

SEM-JEOL-JSM-6480 LV with EDS attachment

Electrometallurgy Laboratory [PIC : Prof.(Ms.) Archana Mallick]

Potentiostat - Metrohm, Autolab PGSTAT 12 

Stylus Surface Profilometer (Veeco Dektak 150) 

Veeco Innova Scanning Probe Microscope

Surface Engineering Laboratory [PIC : Prof. Subash Chandra Mishra]

Wear and Friction Monitor

Scratch Tester

Air Jet Tester

Wear Tester

Mechanical Characterization Laboratory [PIC : Prof. Bipin Bihari Verma]

Dynamic Universal Testing Machine, BISS, Capacity- +100kN - Prof. K Dutta

Instron-1195, Capacity-100kN - Prof. K Dutta

Instron-8802R, Capacity-250 kN - Prof. B B Verma

Rockwell and Vickers hardness Tester - Prof. A Patra

Physical Metallurgy and Heat Treatment Laboratory [PIC : Prof. Sudipta Sen]

Microscopes - Prof. A Basu

MICRO Hardness Tester (Leco, Min. Load 1 g) - Prof. A Basu

Heat Treatment Furnaces (Muffle and Pit Type) - Prof S Sen

Metallographic sample preperation - Prof S Sen

Ball on Plate Wear Tester - Prof. A Basu

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