The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.
-Abraham Lincoln


Please Contact the corresponding authorities for your associated queries
Prof. Animesh Biswas
Contact No.: 0661-2462001
E-Mail: director@nitrkl.ac.in
Director's Office
Mr. Ajay Kumar Sahu
Secretary to Director
Contact No.: 0661-2462002
Fax No.: 0661-2472926
E-Mail: ps-dir@nitrkl.ac.in
Mr. Sumanta Kumar Moharana
Junior Assistant
Contact No.: 0661-2462003
Fax No.: 0661-2472926
E-Mail: moharanas@nitrkl.ac.in
Registrar's Office
Mr. Santosh Kumar Upadhyay
Contact No.: 0661-2462021
Fax: 0661-2462022
E-Mail: registrar@nitrkl.ac.in
Mr. Braja Bandhu Behera
PS to Registrar
Contact No.: 0661-2462020
E-Mail: bbbehera@nitrkl.ac.in
Security Office
Prof. Uttam Kumar Mishra
PIC Safety & Security
Contact No.: 0661-2462310
E-Mail: ukmishra@nitrkl.ac.in
Mr. Parsuram Sethi
Dealing Assistant (Control Room)
Contact No.: 0661-2462130
Establishment Office
Mr. Bamadev Acharya
Deputy Registrar
Contact No.: 0661-2462061
E-Mail: establishment@nitrkl.ac.in
Academic Office
Mr. Kumar Prabhanjan Panigrahi
Assistant Registrar (Research)
Contact No.: 0661-2462031
E-Mail: acad.res@nitrkl.ac.in
Mr. Ashis Kumar Behera
Assistant Registrar(UG & PG)
Contact No.: 0661-2462037
E-Mail: acad.ugpg@nitrkl.ac.in
Finance & Account Office
Mr. Kshiroda Kumar Sahoo
Assistant Registrar
Contact No.: 0661-2462041
E-Mail: fin-officer@nitrkl.ac.in
Training & Placement Centre
Prof. Saroj Kumar Patel
Head of the Centre
Contact No.: 0661-246-2181, 2516 (O), +91-7978393970 (M), +91-9437484951 (Wapp)
E-Mail: tpsw@nitrkl.ac.in, skpatel@nitrkl.ac.in, placements@nitrkl.ac.in
 Mrs. Swagatika Sahoo
Assistant Registrar
Contact No.: 0661-2462182
E-Mail: tpsw@nitrkl.ac.in
Purchase and Work Office
Mr. Pradeep Kumar Panda
Deputy Registrar
Contact No.: 0661-2462051
E-Mail: ar-pw@nitrkl.ac.in
Internal Audit Office
Mr. M.N. Anand Babu
Assistant Registrar
Contact No.: 0661-2462091
E-Mail: ar-ia@nitrkl.ac.in
Mr. Uttam Kumar Biswal
Assistant Registrar
Contact No.: 0661-2462151
E-Mail: ar-sricce@nitrkl.ac.in
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