A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.
-Francis Bacon

Vision & Mission



To become an internationally acclaimed institution of higher learning that will serve as a source of knowledge and expertise for the society and be a preferred destination for undergraduate and graduate studies.


To advance and spread knowledge in the area of science and technology leading to creation of wealth and welfare of humanity.

Guiding Principles
i) Build an environment that is conducive to academic pursuit, nurturing creative thoughts and inculcating a spirit of inquiry.
ii) Promote free exchange of knowledge and experience with others, while respecting each other’s right to intellectual property.
iii) Ensure quality, speed, economy and transparency in all spheres of our activities.
iv) Create a truly multicultural community and promote cultural bonding and teamwork among all.
v) Provide opportunity to every member of the Institute for achieving academic excellence, developing all round personality and realizing his or her full potential.
vi) Adopt state of the art technology in all endeavors.
vii) Serve the society around, using the knowledge and expertise of the Institute.

Quality Policy

"Every student and employee of NIT Rourkela as well as all external agencies providing service to the Institute shall strive to achieve quality, speed and economy (in that order of importance) in all their endeavors. They will employ and create TECHNOLOGY to enhance productivity, protect the environment and uphold human dignity".

Institute Anthem

You know all skills and techniques
Adorning the heart of Kalinga
On the head of the Steel City
Y ou dazzle ever like a diamond
You the great institute.

In the sacred seat of Vyasa
Where Life vibrates with the rtythm of 'OM'
There the sacred stream of the river 'Brahmani'
Wets you with the flow of wisdom
You the great institute

You glow with the Luster of Science
You dazzle with the brilliance of technology
You inspire the pursuit of knowledge
Emitting the celestial Light of wisdom
you the great institute

You may be that great and matchless
One in blooming the superb engineers
You be the Leading one in accelerating the country's development
Be unique in bringing peace and unity
Be honest, mighty and commited in thy task
You the great institute.

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