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Industrial Consultancy

NIT Rourkela extends its human resource and equipment’s for service of the nation. Since long back it is extending its resources to the nearby industries and academic institution. Main aim of these is to promote industry-academia interaction. Depending upon the requirement, broadly two types of jobs are undertaken with standard nominal charges. All such work are undertaken with proper registration with SRICCE, NIT Rourkela

Routine testing, certification and calibration work are undertaken depending upon the available instruments at our premises. List of such related equipment, name of the concerned faculty member and his/her contacts are given below:

Manage Equipment

Industrial consultancy to solve some problem in the specified industry is undertaken by NIT Rourkela as project which may involve Human resource and laboratory resources. Concerned industry may directly contact a faculty member who may be fit to solve their problem and details of their research fields are available in the individual Department’s site. Such viable projects are registered with SRICCE before commencing of the work with a mutually agreeable charges formulated under NIT’s standard guidelines.
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