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About The City of Rourkela
Rourkela city is located at 84.54E longitude and 22.12N latitude in the northwestern tip of the Indian state of Odisha (Orissa) in Sundergarh district at an elevation of about 219 meters above mean sea level. It is situated in a hilly region which adds to the natural beauty of the city. The Koel and Sankha rivers meet at Vedvyas, Rourkela and flow as a single river called Brahmani. It has a distance of about 340 kilometres from the state capital Bhubaneswar.

Rourkela has a tropical climate and receives high rainfall during Southwest monsoon (June–September) and retreating Northeast monsoon (December–January). Average annual rainfall ranges between 160–200 cm. The minimum and maximum temperatures are in the range of 7 C to 47 C with a mean minimum and maximum temperature range of 9.80 C to 39.20 C during coldest and hottest months. Thirty six percent of the geographical area of the district has semi-evergreen or tropical dry deciduous forest

This city came into prominence in the year 1954-55, with the decision of the Government of India to set up the first Public Sector Steel Plant (Rourkela Steel Plant, RSP) in this locality in collaboration with the then West Germany. The city is a huge metropolis connected with all parts of the country by railway and road. The population of the city is about 7lakhs.

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