TitleImplementation and study of some controllers for performance enhancement of induction motor drive
AbstractThis research work presents a design of a simplified structured adaptive neuro-fuzzy controller (NFC) technique with a linearized induction motor (IM) model for extensive torque and speed ripple minimization with better performance enhancement of IM drive. The non-linear dynamics of IM is modelled and simulated based on state space linearization technique in the stationary reference frame.The proposed simplified adaptive NFCis the fusion approach of fuzzy logic and neural network with one input as error unlike conventional two-input NFC as error and change in error. It also improves the computational efficiency by making the structure very simple and robust as compared to the conventional NFC, thereby easy to apply in a realistic environment. The effectiveness and execution of the proposed control technique based linearized IM drive is investigated in MATLAB environment in various operating conditions and is compared with the conventional two-input NFC as well as PI-controller to analyze the superior performance of IM drive.