TitleIdea of Bharat: The Amalgamation of Science and Spirituality
AbstractWhen we talk about Bharata, the discourse starts with the name denoting a geographical location but the truth is hidden in the word itself which demonstrate the descendants of Bharata known as Bharata. So the term is not restricted as denoting a geographical notion but it denotes the natives dwelling with the grace as of ‘bharata?’. This descendant-ship is not birth oriented rather than it is traits or quality based. So the title of Bharata gives a feeling of pride and makes oneself connect with the rich and advanced level of knowledge related with science and technology about oneself and materialism both. This height was not the work, effort and investigation of a single day but is the austerity of uncounted number of years and cycles. When materialism reaches its peak, its declination generates the need of the science of self-realization. Thus the process of knowing oneself is also a Science, well explored and established after a prolonged observation and experimentation. Bharata is well renowned in balancing the materialism by dominating ‘adhyatma’ and attaining the level of instrumentation where buddhi and cetana are the instruments for the experiment and consciousness is itself the laboratory and equipment both. Thus the concept of Bharata is the amalgamation of Science and Spirituality in a grand perspective and seated at the cosmic level. This paper will try to present a holistic picture of this grand admixture portraying the real idea of Bharata, showcasing the concepts of Science and Spirituality and the need of their understanding in the present day world. Keywords: materialism, self-realization, technology, experiment, observation.