TitleDevelopment and Characterization of Composites filled with Coal Mine Overburden Material and other Mine Wastes
AbstractAlthough lot of work have been done on particulate filled composites, reports on the use of industrial/mining wastes as particulate fillers have been rare. Only a few studies on use of wastes like red mud, fly ash, copper slag etc. in polymer composites have been reported so far. However, owing to the high cost of conventional fillers, this is emerging as a subject of extensive research in recent years. In view of this, the present work is undertaken which includes development of a new class of composites using overburden material of mining sites and some other industrial wastes like red mud and fly ash. This work establishes the use of overburden material as a potential filler material in the making of polymer composites. The compatibility of overburden particles in epoxy is found to be pretty good. Incorporation of overburden has resulted in substantial improvement in the wear resistance of epoxy resin. It shows that dry sliding wear characteristics of these composites can be successfully analyzed using Taguchi experimental design. The analysis revels that overburden material content and the sliding velocity are the most predominant control factors affecting the wear rates of the composites