Titlenvestigation on Performance Improvement & Efficient Utilization of Unified Power Quality Conditioner
AbstractDue to continuous and rigorous research work in the power quality domain, an integrated model of shunt and series active power filter (APF) came into existence, which was universally identified as unified power quality conditioner (UPQC). UPQC is an obvious choice of selection due to its all-round performance for complete power quality improvement. In this work, the PAC (power angle control) concept is effectively implemented with an SRF (synchronous reference frame) method for efficient utilization of UPQC by introducing reactive power sharing feature in a single-phase and three-phase system. Also, in this work, a power angle estimation approach based on equal reactive power sharing feature is proposed for two different topological configurations of UPQC, i.e UPQC-R and UPQC-L with efficient utilization of both APF. Additionally, voltage interruption due to various unavoidable reasons is another factor that affects the entire distribution. Thus, in this work, a fuel cell based UPQC system is implemented in a single-phase distribution system. A fuel cell stack system offers a portable power source which, along with a boost converter and DC to AC inverter system of UPQC can be comfortably used to meet the load power demand at the time of voltage outages. The proposed work is precisely described with mathematical descriptions and their applicability is authenticated by simulation and real-time results.