TitleProduction of biodiesel from food waste
AbstractKitchen food waste is one of the major burden for environment because of its pollution, handling and disposal problems. The present research work has taken an initiative to reuse the kitchen food waste for biodiesel production. Food waste from girl’s hostel of National Institute of Technology, Rourkela has been considered as raw material. These kitchen food waste samples were dried at varying temperatures to obtain the optimum moisture content as it is one of the primary steps in lipid extraction process. The dried samples were then mixed with solvent at different ratio and contact time for optimized lipid yield. Lipid was further characterized in GC- MS and GC-FID to identify the organic compounds and determine the concentration of each organic compound. Palmitic acid (4.4 mg/l), oleic acid (2.02 mg/l) and stearic acid (74.11 mg/l) dominated the lipid profile. The extracted lipid was then transesterified for biodiesel production. During transesterification, effect of temperature, reaction time and methanol: lipid ratio were performed. The produced biodiesel was further used for FAME analysis in GC-FID and compared with national and international standards.