TitleApplication of Fuzzy Logic Techniques for Prediction of Area of Goaf Fall in Coal mines.
AbstractRoof Falls are common problems in underground coal mines which may have serious effects on miners in the form of injuries, disabilities or fatality as well as other damages like production delay, interruptions in mining operations, equipment breakdown events. Roof fall and side fall accidents accounted for about 21% and 15% of all fatal accidents during the year 2014 and 2015 respectively (DGMS 2015 & 2016). Complexity of geological deposit and variability of mining parameters leads to occurrence of Roof fall. According to the importance of the problem, different researches are conducted to find the relationship between the roof fall and the effective parameters on occurrences of the roof fall in underground coal mines. Fuzzy logic is a useful mathematical tool for modeling the existing uncertainty and complexity. This method is successfully applied in the different aspects of science and engineering real world problems. In this dissertation Fuzzy Logic techniques like Mamdani Fuzzy, Adopted Neuro Fuzzy Inference system (ANFIS) were used for the prediction of area of Goaf falls in coal mines. This can help in Mine management people to take precautionary measures and actions for minimizing the roof falls. The proposed Fuzzy techniques Mamdani Fuzzy, ANFIS were observed that ANFIS model provides more accurate prediction than Mamdani Fuzzy model.