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Centralised Instrumentation Facility

NIT, Rourkela (NITR) – is a premiere institute of higher learning under the Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD), GOI and is recognized as Institute of National Importance. Government of India has elevated the Regional Engineering College, Rourkela to a deemed university under the name of National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. NITR strives for creating an environment where hundreds of faculties and their thousands of students are in a teaching learning process and carry out research on subjects for wealth and well being of society.


NITR has created a massive infrastructure for R & D in most branches of engineering and science utilizing various funding sources. At NITR, no matter which agency has provided the funds, the equipment and software are available for use by the entire research community. In order to maximize the utilization of all the high end equipments and their better management, these equipments are brought under one umbrella “Centralized Equipment Facility” vide resolution of 54th Board of Governors meeting in May 2017. [Read more...]


Our Instruments

Multi Axial Force Platform

Make & Model: Kistler
Location: BM119
Instrument Incharge: Prof. A Thirugnanam
In-charge Email Id: thirugnanam.a@nitrkl.ac.in
Instrument Status: Functional

Specification: Multi axial Force platform (Piezoelectric)

Principle: Force platform is a plate with a single pedestal, instrumented as a load cell. Better designs have a pair of rectangular plates, although triangular can also work, one over another with load cells or triaxial force transducers between them at the corners

Application: Biomechanics, rehabilitation, sports performances


Orbital Shaking Incubator

Make & Model: REMI, CIS 24 BL
Location: Structural Biology Laboratory
Instrument Incharge: Prof. Subhankar Paul
In-charge Email Id: spaul@nitrkl.ac.in
Instrument Status: Functional

Specification: NA

Principle: NA

Application: For uniform mixing of the sample under controlled condition like Temperature.


Fluorescence Spectrometer

Make & Model: Jobin Yvon Fluoromax-4P
Location: MN443
Instrument Incharge: Prof.(Ms.) Usharani Subuddhi
In-charge Email Id: subuddhiu@nitrkl.ac.in
Instrument Status: Functional

Specification: Steady state fluorimeter

Principle: When a fluorophore absorbs light at specific wavelength, it gets excited to higher electronic levels (Sn). If the molecule comes back from the first singlet excited state to ground electronic state (S0) by emitting a photon it is termed as fluorescence.

Application: By using a spectrofluorimeter we can measure the fluorescence of a sample. In the present instrument we can measure fluorescence -for both liquid and solid samples.


Circular-Dichroism (CD) spectrophotometer

Make & Model: JASCO (J1500)
Location: MN 443
Instrument Incharge: Dr. Harekrushna Sahoo
In-charge Email Id: sahooh@nitrkl.ac.in
Instrument Status: Non-Functional

Specification: Lamp: 450 watt, temperature-dependent

Principle: Absorption spectroscopy with a circular polarized light source

Application: Secondary structure elucidation Mostly for proteins, peptides, DNA/RNA, chiral organic molecules


Biomedical Instrumentation & Signal processing System

Make & Model: NI
Location: BM 227
Instrument Incharge: Prof. Kunal Pal
In-charge Email Id: palk@nitrkl.ac.in
Instrument Status: Functional

Specification: Smart camera, ECG data acquisition system

Principle: Biomedical Instrumentation

Application: Biomedical Instrumentation



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